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....DID I SAY THAT...!?!?!?

Age. 67
Gender. Male
Location Tabernash, CO
School. Other
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December 2018

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The Media
Friday. 12.31.04 11:33 am
Jeez it's been a long time-I hardly recognize the place !!! The reason I came back to "visit" is, frankly, I'm pissed! (of course, that's why I came here in the first place, to piss and moan!) What am I so upset about? I'm glad you asked! I have made it a habit to read blogs posted both by our soldiers in Iraq, but also those posted by Iraqi's, too. http://www.adayiniraq.com/, http://iraq-iraqis.blogspot.com/ are a couple that I read frequently, and link from. What is bothering me is that the Western Media is having a negative effect on Iraqi nationals from what I am reading, and what they ate reporting is reinforcing the resentments many Iraq's have for Americans as a whole. Case in point: The Media has been saying that the huge bombing in Baghdad last week that killed at least 30 people, wounded many more, and damaged or destroyed at least 12 houses, was really planned by insurgents to lure Iraqi forces there and ambush them with the insurgents themselves making the phone call, when in reality it was dutiful neighbors, who noticed a foreigner who rented a house in the neighborhood, and who had many other foreign-looking men coming and going at all hours, carrying in large bags and leaving empty-handed. I just feel like this is the more important story, that Iraqi's are making choices-having to make choices- about how they want to live, who they want to represent them. I guess wishing The Media would be as objective as they claim to be (No-Spin zone, my ass !!!) and report just the facts at all costs is just a pipe dream...but in this case the truth would have been so much more beneficial, and the assumptions that were made (in my opinion, with purpose) did so much more damage than good...it saddens me... Rockie

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I read the news today
Sunday. 9.5.04 7:52 am
...oh boy...It was so sad to learn about the tragic deaths of many children and adults at the school in Russia. And I was saddened even more by statements Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia made. He blamed the deaths of those people-apparently a success for the terrorists, on the fall of the Soviet Empire, stating: "We showed weakness, and weak people are beaten". I think a more accurate statement in this case would be: "If you have your head up your ass, eventually your going to get shit on." What little we were allowed to see and what caught my eye on T.V. was people running from the scene screaming, and a forward movement of troops and tanks in what appeared to be bedlam ! I know that Putin does not speak for Russia as a whole (well..yes he does! But there seems to be a huge gap between the way this sort of thing has been handled in The Putin Administration and...well, common sense. The indiscriminate gassing of terrorists and innocents in a Moscow theatre, officals vowed, would not be repeated. I grew up in a society that feared the Soviet Union's threat-their seemingly heavy-handedness. Many of you probably don't remember or have ever seen footage of the then Soviet Premier Khruschev at the United Nations,pounding on a table with his shoe to make a point about what would become the Cuban Missle Crisis. On one hand we have the choice of Peace, Love, Flowers and Understanding and-what ? a Hollywood style-Clint Eastwood (who is really a kind, gentle man) Make-my-Day sort of attitude. In fact, now that I think about it, that's a part of the George Bush attitude that scares me.North Ossetian Interior Minister Kazbek Dzantiyev submitted his resignation on Sunday morning."After what happened in Beslan, I don't have the right to occupy this post as an officer and as a man," ITAR-Tass quoted Dzantiyev as saying. Just not enough of a "manly man" I guess. Now I wonder if he will commit suicide on top of it all. I just don't understand...there has to be a better way...Why don't we ask Donald Rumsfeld...

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Thursday. 9.2.04 3:38 pm
I haven't entered this 'cause things have just been crazy! About 2 weeks ago I was home for lunch and there was a knock on my door. I opened the door, and this grizzled, wind-blown person, Arab-like scarf wrapped around his neck,was standing there. I take a second look, and realize that the person standing there is John "Buffalo" Williard. Buff, as I call him, Had Just rode in on his Valkyrie motorcycle. What is unusual is that Buff-and his motorcycle- live in Hawaii. As you would suspect, seeing a bike with a Hawaiian licence plate in the`upper reaches of the Colorado Rockies is rather unusual. Seeing my best friend ( I have known him since I was 3-I'll do the math for you-that's 50 years!) after nine years was also a shocker ! he decided to "retire" from his job at The Keck Observatory http://www2.keck.hawaii.edu/ and decided he'd take a bike tour around the West and consider his options. I might be able to give those of you who wonder, an idea of how you can tell if someone is a true friend...If, after many years you find yourself in the company of your friend, and it feels like there has been no gap in time, that's a sure sign... null

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I'm baaaack !!!
Thursday. 8.26.04 7:24 am
Hi, Gang ! I know it has been a long time! Some you newcomers don't even know me, and some of you (other) oldtimers may not remember me...but I'm baaaack !!!. The reason I have been out of touch is because of "complications" due to my fall and the subsequent injuries I incurred. Not so much physical injury as much as legal, political,and well, in my opinion -and frankly, this seems to be the only place I can freely state my opinion - moral. I was being treated for my physical injuries as best as could be expected, but I made a mistake to complain to the "powers that be" about the location that I fell, because the problem was never really remedied, and I felt it was only a matter of time before another accident occured. My concerns were rewarded by subsequently being dropped by my insurance company, Rocky Mountain Health Plans as far as these injuries are concerned, referred to Colorado Workman's Compensation, who proceeded to deny my claim, and because the "claim" affects my employer, have recieved not a little bit of static and hard feelings at the workplace. Now I am forced to refile my "claim" , and will have to "represent" myself at a hearing in front a judge, after a cram course teaching myself Colorado compensation laws. Frankly, I thought this sucked ! I was feeling all alone (Wahhh !!! ) and lonely. My family is fed up, and has no qualms expressing it, but I can't blame them...I get grouchy after working 8+ hours and coming home in pain. But tossing and turning in bed (the closest thing I come to sleep, it seems) I realized that I do have friends that care ! ...well...at least virtual aquaintances that listen to me...sometimes... Sooo, I thought I'd post the letter that caused all the turmoil in the first place, and as I go through this continuing saga, post some of my other correspondence, as well as photos and any other semi-pertinent information in my blog -let say that again- MY BLOG- and get your opinion... Well, I'm going to open this up for discussion, hope to here from you soon, and it sure is good to be back !!! David Monday, May 17, 2004 To Whom It May Concern: My name is David Lee Hale. I am 52, married for nineteen years, and have five children, three of which are still living at home. I have been a resident of Grand County for twelve years, and have been employed at Grand Woodworks in Tabernash for nine years. On the morning of Jan. 27, 2003, I was walking from my car in the parking lot at Grand Woodworks to the shop, when I slipped and fell on a sheet of ice that had been covered with about two inches of snow. I went immediately to Granby Medical Center's emergancy room where I was x-rayed and diagnosed with a separated/dislocated shoulder, fitted with a sling to restrict movement, and released. On Feb. 10, 2003, having not seen any improvement in my arm, i went to see my family physician, Dr. Marc Rojec. Dr. Rojec took me out of the sling, hoping movement would help. Since that time I have seen Dr.Rojec a number of times, Have gone through physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, acupunture, two sets of steriod injections to my 5th and 6th spinal discs, all to no avail. I am currently seeing a spine specialist, and facing surgery, but until this moment have found no relief from my injuries. The reason I am writing this is that it has been brought to my attention that the spot that I slipped, fell, and recieved my injury, is the exact spot that, in the late summer or fall of 2002, a sewage pipe was installed. Apparently there has been more than a few problems with the installation of this pipeline. Not long after my accident, they had to excavate and repair the pipe due to damage from "settling". At the time of my accident, apparently raw sewage had been leaking. To this day, there is water seeping up from the pipe, apparently ground water coming up at that point. I have been told that they are going to be working on this problem in the near future. I walk by that sinkhole every day I go to work. Every day I am constantly reminded of the cronic pain I indure, the loss of wages incurred because of doctor's appointments and days missed because of the pain. I am reminded of the huge amount of out-of-pocket expenses I am paying, and the financial burden that puts on my family and how it affects them. And I think about the even bigger dollar amount that is passed on to my insurance company, how even that affects my fellow employees, and potentially many more people because of rising insurance rates. I have to wonder, and believe me, I have more than my share of sleepless nights to ponder this, is this fair ? Should I, and many others, especially my family, be affected to such a degree...because of someone else's shoddy workmanship ? The company that did this work has even been awarded other work in Grand County, including the building of a pedestrian underpass At Highway 40 and the Y.M.C.A. entrance. I shudder to think of the consequences if the work there is as poor as the work that, in my opinion, caused my injuries... With all sincerity David Lee Hale Lurline Underbrink Curran County Manager Dear Lurline, In referece to my last letter to you dated May 17,2004, I first would like to apologize. My letter was first penned as a “letter to the editor” thought process. In hindsight, I think I should have put more thought into it...At any rate, out of respect for you and the work you have done for our county. I sent it to you individually. I must sincerly apologize if I gave you any impression but frustration and concern about the ongoing problems at the lift station located on the western edge of Grand Woodworks parking lot. I understand completely that you have no legal responsibility for the injuries I incurred on January 27, 2003. I still have some concern that some problems have been rectified,but that still others are ongoing... This, however, is not the reason I am writing you today. The reason I am writing you is that, since this letter was also forwarded to my insurance company, Rocky Mountain Health Plans, they have stopped coverage on this injury and referred me Worker’s Compensation, who have also denied me. In an effort to clarify who indeed is responsible for my injury, I am requesting, if it is a matter of public record, a timeline of some sort of the work that was performed from the time it was realized there was a problem with the sewer line running to the lift station up until this time, and if there are any fees needed to obtain this information.If it is not a matter of public record, could you please inform me what steps I might be able to take to obtain this information. Thank you for your time and efforts, Sincerely, David Lee Hale

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Mother Nature says hello...
Saturday. 6.12.04 9:37 am
It..is...Balloon !!! This was taken Wednesday (the ballon, that is). This morning it snowed...only about an inch, and it's just about melted off (the sun is coming out) and we will be wearing shorts by noon... Mother Nature visits us frequently up here...likes to remind us that she is pretty much in charge... she seems to have a fondness for kites, though, I have noticed... Have a Happy...

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The Wild West
Monday. 6.7.04 6:28 am
...the Wild West... could it be the air ?...after all..we are at about 8,000 feet...give or take a few hundred feet one way or another, depending on where it is you stand...but the air is thin...for hundreds of years folks have been drawn to this place..what has been referred to by the Ute Indian tribe, and other Native American tribes that used this place as a summer playground as "the Island in the Rockies". Well, now it will, for awhile,anyway, be remembered as the home of the "Armageddon 'Dozer" as some folks are calling it... It happens that the few dealings that I had with Marv, (the 'Dozer Driver) were memorable because they seem to show two sides of the man.... More than a year ago, we had an appointment with Marv at his muffler shop. because my wife had several other appointments that day, we were not going to be able to get the family van in to have the muffler repaired. It just so happened that it was going to be Marv's last day in business. He was boarding up the shop and going on an "adventure" as he put it. But since we could not make our appointment, he told us to come in the next day, and he would take care of us. He did. I guess we were his last formal customers, but I could tell by the kind of guy he seemed to be that he would "take care"- or help people at a drop of a hat. The last time I saw Marv, I didn't know it was him at first, but it was a "hairaising" experience. I was coming home friday from a doctor's appointment in Vail, about 2 1/2 hours from our home. I was driving on Highway 40 and was just going through Parshall when a white pick-up pulled out of the bar parking lot (about the only business in Parshall) onto the highway in front of me. I had to slow down a bit for the truck, and, as many locals in the area tend to do, he took his time to get up to just below the speed limit.I considered passing him several times, but I was not feeling well (my usual grumpy self!) so I just shined it on and nestled myself in a short distance behind him. I followed him through Gore Canyon, through Hot Sulphur Springs (the county seat), through the pasture lands between there and Granby, and I was amazed at the fact that he was able to go exactly 1 mile an hour below the speed limit! We ( the truck driver and I) finally got to Granby at about 2:45 p.m., where the highway doubles into two lanes for both east and west traffic through town. The driver of the pick-up had stayed in the left (fast) lane but had slowed down to 40 in a 50 zone. I decided to bend the law a bit and pass this "farmer" on the right. But I had this nagging feeling...it brought the hair up on the back of my neck as I passed him...I avoided looking at him because I had this feeling that if I looked at him the wrong way he would yank his wheel to the right and sideswipe me...I just had a sense of foreboding...and as I got past him on the right and started to get a sense of relief, I glanced over and, oh, the "farmer" was Marv, and he was slowing down to turn off the highway, and then he would take a quick left onto the dirt road that would lead to his shop and a irrevocable place in Colorado history...http://www.denverpost.com/Stories/0,1413,36%257E53%257E2195491,00.html . This place has always attracted independant, free-thinking folks, folks that don't mind sacrificing all but the basics for the freedom that seems to come so naturally here, the wide, open spaces, going toe to toe with Mother Nature...and sometimes getting smacked down. I spent a day at the Fraser graveyard just reading the gravestones and learning a little more about Grand County (Grand is what the native Americans called the Colorado River, whose headwaters are here in Grand County, just at the foot of Rocky Mtn. National Park) I was amazed at the number of "unknowns" -folks who blithely challenged Mother Nature, went up into the mountains looking for gold or other bounty, went unprepared, and then got caught in an early or late season snowstorm, met thier demise, and were not found 'till the next spring thaw...or maybe the one after... I think Marv was a lot like that, but his demise was rules and regulations-just the sort of thing that people come here to get away from-or get away with stretching...

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